Learning to fly can be economically feasible and comfortable. Training in an FFA approved simulator lets you experience and practice flying in a stress-free environment. A simulator eliminates costly extended hours in an aircraft. Certified flight instructor, Robert Phillips, is with you the entire time and will walk you through challenging or emergency situations in a safe manner. The advantages to learning the basics in a sim include:

  • Inclement weather not a factor
  • No taxi time with the Hobbs meter running
  • Safely practice worst case scenarios
  • Full flying experience
  • Lower training cost

You receive the same experience you would in the air. In fact, you’ll experience what years of flying may not give you, safely learning how to react to all types of emergency situations.  The instructor’s full attention will be on your training and will guide you repeatedly through procedures until you are proficient.  The sim will give you thorough training that allows you to take the left seat with confidence.

Contact Robert Phillips, he’ll put you on the path to safe and enjoyable flight.

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