As a flight instructor, my goal is to complete your training in a SAFE and timely fashion. In order for this to happen, I have adopted a few policies so that there is no misunderstanding as expectations between both parties. I understand that “Life Happens”, just contact me know as soon as possible with any delays or cancellations.


Safety is the most important aspect of flying, and will be emphasized above everything else. The responsibility of flying an airplane is enormous.


There are certain times when a pilot/student wishes to bring a passenger along. This is perfectly acceptable if the nature of the training session would permit an aft CG. I have had some students want to bring a passenger each and every time they fly. This is not acceptable. If training for two pilot/students is required, then it would be priced as such.

Study Materials and Habits

You must arrive well-prepared for each lesson. This means that you will arrive with all reading assignments complete, all videos watched, and home study work complete. Your success is directly related to your earnest preparation. Students are expected to obtain and use necessary study materials. Knowledge of the airplane, environment, rules and procedures to follow are the most important aspects in a pilot’s competency. No sign-offs will be given until the student is ready to pass the flight test, and more importantly, ready to be a safe pilot.

Flight Lesson Format

Pre-Flight: Student is responsible for obtaining Weather / TFR information (800-WX-BRIEF), fueling and aircraft pre-flight. Pre-flights need to be completed prior to instructor’s arrival, please keep this in mind when scheduling your lessons. Most pre-flights require 30 minutes. Owner owned aircraft must be pulled out of hangar and ready to go upon instructor arrival.




Operating limitations (FAA approved POH or AFM)

Weight & Balance

Pre-Flight Briefing: Student and instructor will discuss pre-flight and what will take place during the flight.

Flight: Flights will range from 1 hour to 3 hours depending on what is needed to be accomplished. Longer flights will mainly be for cross-county and practical test preparation.

Post-Flight: Instructor will discuss the flight, give constructive criticism, discuss what will happen at the next flight, and assign homework for self-ground study.

Rate / Billing

The rate is $55 per hour based on hobbs flight time in tenths of an hour. Pre-flight briefing, 30 minutes of post-flight, and ground instruction are complimentary. Cash, checks, and credit cards (with arrangements) are accepted. Finance fees may apply for credit card transactions. Payment is required at lesson completion unless other arrangements are made prior to lesson. Receipts are available upon request.  A returned check fee of $50/occurrence is in effect at all times.

Cancellations / No-shows

Most CFIs have over $30-40,000 invested in their own flight training. Flight Instructors do not receive compensation to sit at the flight school, only while instructing. Other paid professionals charge fees for canceled and missed appointments, thus the same situation must exist in your flight training experience Any flight may be cancelled with reasonable notice (at least 1 hour prior to lesson). A $30 fee will be charged if proper notice is not given. Fees will not be charged for poor weather, however, contact should still occur between instructor and student. Illness, car trouble, and family emergencies are considered an extraordinary circumstance and no fees will apply.