When it comes to integrating an iPad with flying, not all iPad’s are created equal. Robert Phillips explains which version and type work best for aviation.

When setting your new or current iPad up, keep in mind, there are hundreds of aviation apps available.  To become an “iPad aviator” you’ll need to know the best one to get the job done. Robert will advise you on which app will work the best for you. He’ll demonstrate many popular apps and you’ll be confident when you make your decision to buy.
Once you have the right iPad and the right app, you’ll be able to:

  • Create flight plans
  • Receive weather briefings
  • Use as an alternative to traditional charts

Ultimately, Robert’s advice will save you time, space, weight, money, and most of all, it makes flight planning fun. Don’t go it alone. Take advantage of Robert Phillips’ expertise…contact him today.

Are you thinking about flying with an iPad?