Ground instruction is the ‘less glamorous’ but integral part of learning to fly. Together we will move step by step through a structured course which will compliment your flight instruction. You will better understand the hows and whys of flying. Bear in mind that the cockpit is not the best place to learn how to fly. With the noise and distractions, it can become frustrating for the person learning to fly. Going over the assigned reading and ground lessons will result in a better understanding once airborne, hence lessening the time spent on the lesson resulting in a quicker finish to the rating. After many years of flight instruction, I have learned that this is the most efficient way to conduct flight instruction. A few of my students who have gone on to become flight instructors have told me that they have seen the light many years later when they could have saved themselves some money by following my instructions. The ground training will not only give you a better understanding of your training, but it will also prepare you for your oral and written tests.

Private Pilot License

Private Pilot License Ground training for your private pilot’s license covers subjects including:

  • Aircraft structure
  • Principals of flight
  • Aerodynamics of flight
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Flight Controls
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Flight Instruments
  • Flight manuals and other documents
  • Weight and Balance
  • Aircraft performance
  • Weather Theory
  • Aviation Weather Service
  • Airport Operations
  • Airspace
  • Navigation
  • Aeromedical Factors
  • Aeronautical Decision Making

High Performance and Complex Training

Ground Instruction for High Performance and Complex aircraft training include topics such as:

  • Airplanes with Constant Speed Propellers
  • New and Advanced Fuel Systems
  • Retractable Landing Gear Airplanes
  • Altitude and the Pilot
  • Turbocharging and Pressurization

Instrument Rating

Ground training for your Instrument rating covers subjects including:

  • IFR operations in the National Airspace system
  • Take offs and Departures
  • En Route Operations
  • Arrivals
  • Approaches
  • Human Factors
  • Flight instruments
  • Navigation Systems
  • Air Traffic Control Systems

Commercial Pilots License

Ground Training for your Commercial Pilots License covers topics including:

  • Airport Operations
  • Airspace & Flight Information
  • Weather
  • Aeronautical Charts
  • Pilotage and Dead Reckoning
  • Aviation Physiology
  • Aeronautical Decision Making (CRM)
  • Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR’s)
  • Aircraft Systems
  • High Performance Power Plants
  • Turbocharging
  • Constant Speed Propellers
  • Oxygen Systems
  • Cabin Pressurization
  • Ice Control Systems
  • Landing Gear Systems
  • Aircraft Performance
  • Weight & Balance
  • Pilot Operating Handbook (POH)
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Commercial Decision Making

Flight Instructor Rating

Ground training for your Flight Instructors Rating include such topics as:

  • The Learning Process
  • Human Behavior
  • Effective Communication
  • The Teaching Process
  • Teaching Methods
  • The Instructor as a Critic
  • Evaluation
  • Instructional Aids
  • Flight Instructor Characteristics and Responsibilities
  • Techniques of Flight Instructing
  • Planning Instructional Activity